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Training and equiping health professionals to save mothers and babies in Laos

Beautiful Hands was founded by a group of women with the aim of raising funds to buy much needed equipment and provide training for the health service and village communities in Salavan, Laos. We partner with Alison Dudgeon, a nurse and midwife based at Salavan Provincial Hospital.

What we do in Laos

Sharing our skills, knowledge and resources with compassion in Laos


Training and equipping health professionals to save mothers and babies

Practical, hands-on training for doctors, nurses, midwives and administrators at hospitals and health centres.

Topics include antenatal care, partograph, normal delivery, complications during pregnancy, breastfeeding and nutrition, triage and referral, shock and the unconscious patient, common childhood diseases and neonatal resuscitation/early newborn care. 

Some staff also benefit from training of trainers courses, enabling them to pass on their knowledge to others. 

Donating much needed, life saving equipment

We can support hospitals and health centres in southern Laos with life saving equipment. Full training is provided on use and maintenance.

Lifebox pulse oximeters sound an alarm as soon as it detects the slightest unsafe change, a valuable tool for monitoring babies.

Thermometers, blood pressure monitors and resuscitation ambubags for are not taken for granted in Laos.

Beautiful Hands has already supplied the hospital and health centres with these basic tools but much more is needed.

Providing internship programmes for nurses and midwives

An eight-week practical training programme developed by Alison for nurses and midwives from rural health centres.

Based at Salavan Provincial Hospital, they spend two weeks in six different departments. Once a week we provide classroom training which is highly practical and hands-on.

The interns go back to their health centres better skilled, with a good understanding of the hospital and lasting professional relationships. They are followed-up monthly as their development continues.


Helping village women to understand childbirth and the importance of good nutrition

We have the opportunity to go to remote rural villages and help women and girls to understand more about childbirth and providing for their children.

Nutrition and breastfeeding are key to good health and we focus on these things. 

We work with adolescents too as many girls are married and having children in their teens. We discuss the risks of early pregnancy, nutrition, health, sexuality, human trafficking and addiction in small groups.

Contributing to national and local maternal health policy

There are new plans at national level in Laos to improve health and nutrition across the country through a series of strategic objectives.

Alison and colleagues have helped to design the objectives relating to maternal and newborn care and our intention is to work towards these and assist implementation to improve the health and wellbeing of villagers.

Alison has an office and training room at Salavan Provincial Hospital and works alongside the management team who are very supportive in the efforts to raise standards.

Assisting in times of need

With this initiative, our goal is to help and give opportunities to those most in need.

Help such as running water stations in the hospital when Covid struck. Or, providing continuing care for a seriously ill young girl and her family in their village after release from hospital. 

 With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

Beautiful Hands

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